People and Culture – Tri Duc Food

People and Culture

We understand that the success of a business is reflected in not only its financial performance but also, and more importantly, in the prominent and sustainable values about culture and it could bring core value to labors, partners and customers.


 People are the most important factor in any business activity. Since established, Tri Duc Food has seen human as the most valuable asset, an important factor for the strong and sustainable development of businesses, especially in the present context of global economic integration.

 Members of Tri Duc Food family are close, friendly, open-minded, and passionate as well as highly responsible for each of their tasks and each of them is an important factor for the success of your business.


The members of Tri Duc Food have understood the values and cultural norms of the Company. Specifically:

  • First, "Trust“ for clients, and “Trust" for customers, partners, and for all dedicated employees who are our best for the development of Tri Duc Food.
  • Second, consistent compliance with the basic rules of the Company; honesty at work, personal style, general hygiene, protection of company’s assets; etc.
  • The most important factor is the background for the main actions expressed through belief, perception, and deep insight of every of members in Tri Duc Food Company.

So, corporate culture is the first glance that every business should always focus on. Building cultural environment of each business is a way to help all employees see that the working environment of the business is also their habitat.