Core Value – Tri Duc Food

Core Value

Being founded since 2000, Tri Duc Food company sees itself as a tropical agricultural products and fruit processing enterprise throughout Vietnam regions. So far, winning not only domestic and foreign counterparts, but also customer trust, Tri Duc Food is well-known as one of the most reliant Vietnam partners in supplying ingredients.

 Our advantage – Your profits:

- With over 17 years of experience in the market of agricultural products, fruits and vegetables in Vietnam, we have:

- The system has been associated with the farmers for the development of agricultural products and the supply of raw materials for production of agricultural products throughout Vietnam.

- Quality guarantee for the supply chain. (from the stage of input materials to the packaging of finished products)

- A 3500m2 factory is located in Ho Chi Minh City, close to industrial areas, ports and airport.

- We provide the best contact for customers.

- Flexibility in production and processing upon the request of customers. Ability to supply in large, high volume quantity.

- Ability to R&D, new product development by customers' specification Competitive prices.

 By heart: Dedicated effort to bring the clean and quality products of agricultural fruits and vegetables  in Vietnam to the consumers.

 Business philosophy: Health is an important factor to create  the product value.

 Vietnamese Spirit: Pride of being the Vietnamese safety & quality brand, save  the customer healthy life.