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Aloe Vera

Foreseeing many consumer trends and expectatons for yummy, nutritonal, and cool foods under the tropical climate, Tri Duc launched the Farmview brand of instant jelly products:
ALOE VERA JELLY: not only tasty but also cool, it is one of the top female beauty, health and skin care products.

Why choose farmview jelly products?

- They are conducted under the closed-loop manufacturing within 48 hours, including the poison Aloin removal in every single aloe vera leaf. Thus output is 100% fresh-green-clean, ensures absolute safety to consumers.

- Our products contain no preservatves, atain the Vietnam vegetables certficate.

- The procedure is conducted under ISO 22000:2005

- Our products accomplish the Certficate of Food Hygiene and Safety.

 Grass Jelly: is fresh, lower blood pressure, cure cold during seasonal changes, joint pain, etc.

 Coconut Jelly: with the scent of coconut, nutrient-rich food, for sofen skin, cancer preventon.

Manufacturing high-quality agricultural merchandise with compettve prices under food hygiene legislaton, delivering on tme thanks to continuous enhancement of machinery, processes and source supplies, researching for lastest trends in the food processing technology as company mottos, Tri Duc Food commits to bring customers long-term pleasures. 

Thạch nha đam hạt lựu

Quality Criteria:
- Brix ≥ 72%
- Moisture content ≤ 24%
- Expire date: 12 months

Ingredient: aloe vera, sugar

Packing: 200g - 500g - 1000g - 10kgs - Depend on customers. Packing 10 bags/1 carton (1kg/bag).
Minimum production quantity: Contact us for more details

- Digestive Support
- Increased Immunity System
- Cancer Prevention
- Pressure Prevention
- Brighten Skin
- Keep body healthier

How to use: Instant use

Preservation: Store in cool dry area. Avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening.

Expansion Info :
- Products do not use sweeteners.
- Do not use preservatives.
- Microbiological Criteria in accordance Ministry of Health.
- Production management standard ISO 22000:2005.
- Health food safety certification.