About Tri Duc – Tri Duc Food

About Tri Duc

Being founded since 2000, Tri Duc Food company sees itself as a tropical agricultural products and fruit processing enterprise throughout Vietnam regions. So far, winning not only domestic and foreign counterparts but also customer trust, Tri Duc Food is well-known as one of the most reliant Vietnam partners in supplying ingredients.

 Fields: Our focus stays mixed on taking advantages of Vietnam’s typical fruits and tropical agricultural products like vegetable oil, coconut oil, dried coconut meat, coconut milk, coconut jelly, aloe vera, mooncakes’ ingredients, dried candy fruits for Tet: Candied ginger, dried candied courgette, lotus seeds, lime, kumquat and thickened juice drinks, etc.

 Vision: To become the leading producer of Vietnamese fruit-vegetable based products (fresh fruits, moon cake stuffing, bakery solutions, puddings, processed fruits-based products, semi-processed fruits) for domestic and international markets. 

 Mission: To provide high quality and a series of fruit-vegetable based products for industrial (B2B) and FMCG consumers‘market on the basis of know-how expertise and attractive prices.

Manufacturing high-quality agricultural merchandise with compettive prices under food hygiene legislaton, delivering on time thanks to continuous enhancement of machinery, processes and source supplies, researching for lastest trends in the food processing technology as company motos, Tri Duc Food commits to bring customers long-term pleasures.